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All Solo 30 Mile TT Results - Seamons Riders
Leo21/09/2019E2/30CAlan Chorley01:01:4429.16New Club & All Age Vets Records
Mercia CC12/07/2014A30/9Chris Siepen01:03:3528.31New Club & Team Record
Mercia CC03/10/2015A30/9Alan Chorley01:03:4028.27New All Age Vets Record
North Notts Olympic CC15/06/2003A30/5Paul McAllister01:06:0227.25New Club Record, 3rd place
SCCA & WCTTA16/05/2021D30/11Ade Hughes01:07:3926.613rd on standard
Unknown01/01/2001unknown?John Woodhouse01:08:0026.47New Club Record
Mercia CC12/07/2014A30/9Alan Chorley01:08:0926.41New All Age Vets & Team Record
Unknown02/01/2002unknown?Robin Haigh01:08:1226.39New All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA17/04/2016D30/12Ade Hughes01:08:2326.326th, 4th Vet on Standard
Unknown01/01/1998unknown?Robin Haigh01:08:2426.32New Club & All Age Vets Record
VTTA (M/c & NW)18/06/2003unknown?Steve Davis01:08:3126.272nd place
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Chris Siepen01:09:1426.003rd
Unknown01/01/1982unknown?Dave McIlroy01:09:3025.90New Club Record
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/06/2005J4/11Paul McAllister01:09:3225.881st!
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Paul McAllister01:09:3825.85Nat Champs (Winning Team)
SCCA & WCTTA19/05/2019D30/1Ronan O'Cualain01:09:5425.75
Unknown03/01/1978unknown?Alan Heggs01:10:1025.65New Club Record
Unknown01/01/1974unknown?Dave McIlroy01:10:3125.53New Club Record
ODCU23/09/1962unknown?Keith Stacey01:10:3525.50New Club & Junior Record
Mercia CC12/07/2014A30/9Steve Stoddart01:10:5125.41New Team Record
Unknown02/01/1984unknown?Dave McIlroy01:11:0425.33New All Age Vets Record
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/06/2005J4/11John Woodhouse01:11:2225.22
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/07/2014J4/11Alan Chorley01:11:2325.22
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Alan Chorley01:11:4625.08
Unknown01/01/1977unknown?F R Minshull01:11:4725.08New All Age Vets Record
SCCA & WCTTA16/05/2021D30/11Ronan O'Cualain01:11:5025.06
Unknown04/01/1962unknown?Jim Boydell01:12:0224.99New Club Record
Mercia CC03/10/2015A30/9Neil Rothwell01:12:0524.97
West Cheshire TTCA01/05/2005D30/6John Woodhouse01:12:1724.906th place
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Alan Chorley01:12:2424.86Nat Champs (Winning Team)
SCCA & WCTTA19/05/2019D30/1Tim Marshall01:12:4824.73
Unknown02/01/1961unknown?Jim Boydell01:13:2224.53New Club Record
Unknown03/01/1951unknown?B Harrison01:14:0724.29New Club Record
Mercia CC03/10/2015A30/9Andy Whitehead01:14:5124.05
VTTA (M/c & NW)14/06/2006J4/11Nigel Harrop01:14:5924.00
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/06/2005J4/11Nigel Harrop01:15:4223.77
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Nigel Harrop01:15:4323.77Nat Champs (Winning Team)
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Steve Stoddart01:15:5123.73Nat Champs
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Karen Popplewell01:16:1523.611st Lady New club and M&D record
VTTA (M/c & NW)16/06/2004unknown?Nigel Harrop01:16:3023.529th place
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/07/2014J4/11Karen Popplewell01:16:3123.521st Lady
Unknown02/01/1969unknown?George Arstall01:17:0623.35New All Age Vets Record
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Nigel Harrop01:17:1023.33
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Karen Popplewell01:17:1223.32Nat Champs (New club record), 1st Lady
Unknown04/01/1965unknown?George Arstall01:17:4323.16New All Age Vets Record
Mercia CC12/07/2014A30/9John Verbickas01:17:4923.13
VTTA (M/c & NW)18/06/2003unknown?Nigel Harrop01:19:2822.65
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Neil Rothwell01:19:3022.64
VTTA (M/c & NW)14/06/2006J4/11Roy Myers01:19:3922.59
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/06/2005J4/11Phil Holden01:20:4922.27
Cleveleys RC25/06/2005L304Phil Holden01:21:0222.21
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Neil Rothwell01:21:3522.06Nat Champs
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Phil Holden01:23:1121.64Nat Champs
VTTA (M/c & NW)12/07/2011J4/11Phil Holden01:23:1321.63
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11John Verbickas01:24:4021.26Nat Champs
Wigan Wheelers23/04/2017L304Andy Whitehead01:24:4621.23SPOCO
VTTA (M/c & NW)07/07/2012J4/11Ashley Cress01:24:5221.21Nat Champs
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11Richard Meadows01:24:5521.2
Shropshire CCA20/06/2015D30/11John Verbickas01:25:2521.07
Wigan Wheelers24/04/2016L304Andy Whitehead01:25:2721.06SPOCO
VTTA (M/c & NW)12/07/2011J4/11Sally Cowan01:26:2020.85Congrats on a new club record, 1st lady
VTTA (M/c & NW)22/06/2013J4/11John Verbickas01:26:4320.76
Wigan Wheelers29/04/2012L304Phil Holden01:27:2020.61
Wigan Wheelers26/04/2015L304John Verbickas01:27:3220.56
Wigan Wheelers29/04/2012L304John Verbickas01:32:5819.36
VTTA (M/c & NW)18/06/2003unknown?Malc McAllister01:36:2318.67Trike
VTTA (M/c & NW)15/06/2005J4/11Malc McAllister01:42:5717.48Trike

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