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All Solo 24hr TT Results - Seamons Riders
RTTC National25/07/2009D24/1Robin Haigh475.7519.82New Club & All Age Vets Record
RTTC National26/07/2008D24/1Dan Mathers455.9519.00New Club Record
Unknown01/01/1968unknown?Malc Judge455.7918.99New Club Record
Unknown03/01/1980unknown?Malc Judge454.7618.95New All Age Vets Record
Unknown02/01/1956unknown?George Arstall436.5018.19New Club Record
Unknown01/01/1954unknown?George Arstall428.2817.85New Club Record
Mersey Roads23/07/2016D24HRMartin Wiggan421.0317.54RTTC National - 19th, +58.75 on standard
National Championship22/07/2006unknown?Phil Holden382.5615.94
National Championship23/07/2005unknown?Phil Holden370.0615.41
Mersey Roads24/07/2004D24/1Phil Holden370.0015.41
Unknown01/01/1979unknown?R Hill361.2915.05New All Age Vets Record
National Championship22/07/2006unknown?Rob Morton359.7714.99
National Championship21/07/2007unknown?Phil Holden353.3014.72
RTTC National25/07/2009D24/1Phil Holden352.3714.68
National Championship21/07/2007unknown?Rob Morton349.0014.54
Mersey Roads25/07/2010D24/1Phil Holden337.9214.08
RTTC National21/07/2012D24HRPhil Holden329.0013.71
National Championship21/07/2007unknown?Mike McConville319.4013.30
Mersey Roads24/07/2004D24/1Rob Morton317.8813.24
National Championship23/07/2005unknown?John Rowlinson313.0713.04
National Championship22/07/2017D24HRJane Prowse306.2512.76+4.62, New Ladies & Ladies All Age Vets Record
Mersey Roads24/07/2004D24/1Dave Tickle303.8512.66
National Championship22/07/2006unknown?Mike Wigley300.9712.54
National Championship23/07/2005unknown?Dave Tickle291.2412.13
RTTC National26/07/2008D24/1Mike McConville251.7910.49
RTTC National26/07/2008D24/1Phil HoldenDNF
RTTC National25/07/2009D24/1Dan MathersDNF
RTTC National25/07/2009D24/1Basil LeRouxDNF

Please send your results to Alan Chorley. Include name of event, date, distance, course and your result. Include also any other relevant info.