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All Solo 12hr TT Results - Seamons Riders
West Cheshire TTCA19/08/2018D12/1Ade Hughes272.2122.68+73.77, New Club, All Age Vets & Vets on Standard Record
RTTC National23/08/2015D12/1Dan Mathers269.6722.479th - New Club, All Age Vet & Vet on Standard (+59.96) Records
West Cheshire TTCA20/08/2017D12/1Ade Hughes267.6422.30+67.98, New Vets on Standard & Team 12hr Record
Unknown01/01/1980unknown?Alan Heggs267.5022.29New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA18/08/2019D12/1Ade Hughes267.3722.28+66.96
Lancashire RC22/08/1965L31Keith Stacey264.8122.07New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA15/08/2021D12/1Alan Chorley263.8521.994th; vets std + 55.5 miles
West Cheshire TTCA21/08/2016D12/1Ade Hughes263.6421.978th, +62.77 - New Vets Record on Standard
Manchester Wheelers10/08/1966J ?Keith Stacey262.6121.881st
Unknown06/01/1998unknown?Robin Haigh262.5821.88New All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Dan Mathers262.2021.857th, 2nd team
Unknown03/01/1975unknown?F R Minshull261.8821.82New All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2007D12/2Dan Mathers261.7421.812nd place and personal best.
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1Robin Haigh259.8521.658th
Unknown08/01/1972unknown?F R Minshull257.4121.45New All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA04/09/2005unknown?Dan Mathers255.9621.332nd place
Unknown01/01/1964unknown?Jim Boydell255.7021.31New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA20/08/2017D12/1Martin Wiggan253.3821.12+46.33, New Team 12hr Record
West Cheshire TTCA19/08/2018D12/1Ronan O'Cualain252.2921.02+42.58
Unknown01/01/1957unknown?A Hickson252.0021.00New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA10/08/2008D12/1Dan Mathers251.9921.004th
Unknown07/01/1972unknown?F R Minshull251.6420.97New All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA20/08/2017D12/1Dan Mathers250.4420.87+43.39, New Team 12hr Record
West Cheshire TTCA18/08/2019D12/1Ronan O'Cualain249.3220.78+37.03
West Cheshire TTCA22/08/2010D12/1Charles Carraz247.9220.666th overall.
Lancashire RC21/08/1966L31Keith Stacey246.0120.501st
Unknown01/01/1956unknown?George Arstall245.5020.46New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Dan Snape245.2220.442nd team
West Cheshire TTCA22/08/2004BroxtonDan Mathers244.9820.41
West Cheshire TTCA15/08/2021D12/1Ronan O'Cualain244.2720.368th; vets std + 29.1 miles
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2007D12/2Allan Blackburn242.6620.22Personal best (and 5th place)!
West Cheshire TTCA13/08/2006unknown?Ian Udall239.1619.93
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Steve Stoddart237.6619.812nd team
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2012D12/1Martin Wiggan237.5219.79
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1Karen Popplewell236.6119.72Congrats on a new club record
West Cheshire TTCA22/08/2010D12/1Dan Snape235.8019.65
Unknown08/01/1965unknown?George Arstall234.8719.57New All Age Vets Record
Unknown01/01/1951unknown?George Arstall232.7419.40New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2007D12/2Ian Udall232.4219.36
Unknown01/01/1950unknown?George Arstall232.0019.33New Club Record
West Cheshire TTCA04/09/2005unknown?Ian Udall231.9319.32
West Cheshire TTCA13/08/2006unknown?Allan Blackburn231.9019.32
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2012D12/1Steve Stoddart231.5819.3
West Cheshire TTCA21/08/2016D12/1Pauline Atkinson231.2419.271st Lady, +54.20 - New Women's All Age Vets Record
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2012D12/1Andrew Swain230.0119.17
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Andrew Swain229.6019.13
West Cheshire TTCA31/08/2014D12/1Steve Stoddart226.0518.84
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Phil Holden223.0718.59
RTTC National16/08/2009D12/1Charles Carraz220.9818.42First "12" so pb.
Lancashire RC15/08/2004BrockPhil Holden219.8518.32
West Cheshire TTCA04/09/2005unknown?Phil Holden218.1218.17
West Cheshire TTCA11/08/2013D12/1Andy Whitehead215.7917.98
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1Sally Cowan215.0617.92Congrats on a new club record
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1Phil Holden214.3117.86
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1John Verbickas212.7317.73
West Cheshire TTCA10/08/2008D12/1Phil Holden211.3117.61
West Cheshire TTCA12/08/2012D12/1Phil Holden210.9117.58
West Cheshire TTCA21/08/2016D12/1Jeanette Barber209.0817.42+36.99
West Cheshire TTCA22/08/2010D12/1Phil Holden208.1217.34
West Cheshire TTCA31/08/2014D12/1Neil Rothwell207.2917.27
West Cheshire TTCA22/08/2010D12/1Malc McAllister171.7914.32Great ride by Malc on his 70th!
RTTC National14/08/2011D12/1Malc McAllister166.5013.88
RTTC National23/08/2015D12/1Malc McAllister152.8712.7475 years old ! 1st 70+
RTTC National16/08/2009D12/1Dan MathersDNF
RTTC National16/08/2009D12/1Basil LeRouxDNS
West Cheshire TTCA10/08/2008D12/1Allan BlackburnDNF
West Cheshire TTCA10/08/2008D12/1Ian UdallDNF

Please send your results to Alan Chorley. Include name of event, date, distance, course and your result. Include also any other relevant info.